Torbo Cart AC30

The torboCar model AC30 with assembled torbo-unit plus compressor, plus large water tank, plus hose reel guarantee shortest set up times and convincing handling. The torbocar AC30 with torbo M or L cleans even sensitive surfaces thoroughly, leaving behind shining results even when other blast cleaning machines would have long given up. While others are still setting up and connecting components, you and your torbocar are already in operation and then on your way home when others are still breaking down.

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Vessel Size 80L
Water Tank 250L
Hose Reel 40m (for hose 25/7)
Compressor 3.1 m³/min with 7 bar
Consumption of Blast Media 14.4 - 144 l/h
Consumption of Water 3.6 - 72 l/h
Compressed Air Connection 3/4"
Compressed Air max./minute 2 - 5 m³
Blasting Hose Connection 25mm / 1"
Permissible Total Weight Approx. 1400 - 2000kg
Tare Weight Approx. 1200 - 1350kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4080 x 1790 x 1750mm

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