Onekleen Drumvac Vacuum System (Single Housing)

Wet and/or Dry Pneumatic Drum Top Industrial Vacuum

Complete with 4metre, 38mm Hose. 

Designed to convert your 205L (44 gallon) metal drums into a powerful vacuum cleaner with a multi-task ability. It can vacuum up product ranging from light fluids like water, to heavy liquids like oils and sludge, to fine powders like flour to heavy product like metal shavings or sand. This means that the drumvac can be used anywhere from copper mines to paper mills to shipyards to food manufactures. 

Sandblasting Clean-up Made Easy
Are you cleaning up or collecting sandblasting garnet and find that the product/method you are using is slow or keeps breaking down? We understand that this can lead to frustration. The drumvac is an air powered industrial vacuum which will clean up faster and best of all it has no moving parts so will NEVER break down. It is simple to use and all you have to do is connect it to your existing compressor. Get the job done faster and get rid of your frustration by using drumvac.

Prices shown are for the mild-steel models. Please contact us for pricing on the stainless steel models.

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Onekleen cyclonic separator on 60L drum
Onekleen Cyclonic Separator

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