FatBoy 1 Tonne Skid Blast Pot

The FatBoy series of blast pots have been designed and built specifically for high production open blast and blastroom applications. Combining bulk abrasive storage capacities and multiple outlets the FatBoy series provides extended blasting times to maximise productivity and increase profitability. Incorporating many safety features the FatBoy series keeps operators safe and ensures compliance with the strictest of worksite safety requirements.

If your blasting requirement is for high productivity and extended blasting times, without stopping to refill with abrasive, there is a FatBoy blast pot perfectly suited for your application.

Fatboy blast pots are skid mounted and fitted with forklift lifting points and certified lifting lugs to enable easy relocation and positioning; as well as a safety ladder and access platform. 

All FatBoy series blast pots are fully customizeable to your specific requirements. Please enquire now and we will get in touch to create the best solution for you.

This is a two operator vessel. Please note that the images are of the 2 Tonne unit, and are for reference purposes only.

Part No. SB/BP-201000
No. of Operators 2
Size 1 Tonne

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